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Eyes for the customer

Quality service first

For Remraad, one thing counts: the satisfaction of you as our customer. That's why we invest in an efficient customer service. We want to offer our customers solutions and satisfy you. To achieve this goal, all the resources are thrown into the battle. Therefore we try to meet all requirements in terms of quality, speed of delivery and expertise.




Remraad has every right to be proud of the long-lasting relationships that the company has developed with hundreds of suppliers. As a result, Remraad is the distributor of various international quality brands, such as Bremskerl,
Trimat, BPW, Arvin Meritor, Varta, Sachs, Valeo, Hella, Wabco, Knorr

Care for the environment is also key when selecting suppliers.
Thanks to the close relationships with our leading suppliers, you as a customer can enjoy an excellent price-quality ratio. If you choose for safety and lasting durability, then Remraad is your partner.

Speed of delivery

Every part that is ordered is immediately prepared to size and delivered. The enormous stock allows for the ordered parts to be taken straight out of the stock. Local orders are processed within 24 hours. For orders from abroad, the deadline is 48 hours.
Remraad realises that unnecessary time loss can cost the customer a lot of money. Company vehicles cannot stand still and must be on the road again as soon as possible. The ‘just in time’ philosophy of the contemporary transport
industry is incorporated in Remraad’s company philosophy.

Extensive knowhow

At Remraad, there are only professionals with many years of experience. As a customer, you benefit from this knowhow. After delivery, Remraad can provide the necessary training for your people.


More then 40 year of experience

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