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Latest developments

Remraad closely follows the latest developments. The company collaborates on various innovative projects .






• Thanks to Remraad and Wabco Westinghouse, various mobile unloading cranes in the port of Antwerp are equipped with an electronic system to constantly monitor the tyre pressure. When the tyre pressure drops under a certain level, the crane driver is immediately alerted. Thanks to this invention , which is a global first, large costs and lasting inactivity of people and machines is avoided.

• Remraad offers a simple repair system by Wabco for flat tyres of company vehicles. Thanks to the unique system – an adhesive liquid that is injected into the tyre – you no longer need a spare wheel. With expensive fuel prices, every
weight saving is more than welcome. After repair, the truck is set for another 1,000 kilometres. That way, you have sufficient time to have the flat tyre repaired properly without having to buy a new one immediately.


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